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Roman coin jewelry

Wear the prestige of history, discover our Roman coin jewels

Add a note of antique charm to your look, wear a piece of ancient roman coin jewelry and stand out from the crowd.

Every single coin is authentic, we have carefully selected them for the designs or for the prestige. Each of them has fascinating details and a beautiful patina.

The meeting of gold and contemporary handmade work, together with a product of antiquity creates a unique jewel.

Stop and think about it: these coins were really current many centuries ago, they have known numerous hands and different stories, to finally reach us, passing about two thousand years. Wearing a jewel made with Roman coins, you wear history and its immortal charm.

You will notice in our collection that similar coins feature different small details. This is due to the original craftsman who made the dies and the mint with which the coins were minted.

Some coins portray Gods, others of emperors or animals, and others still celebrate an important anniversary.

Every single coin is a piece of art that tells many stories, including yours. Light up your look with an inimitable and refined touch.

Roman Coins