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Italian bracelets

The most precious link between you and… who you want. Discover the beauty of the Italian Bracelets

Tennis bracelets, chain bracelets, bangle or in Florentine style, bracelets have always been a symbol of emotional bond, expression of deep feelings towards a particular person, from a partner to a friend, perfect for a mother as for a daughter, for an important occasion such as graduation or for a birthday.

Italian bracelets are handcrafted with superior quality, a legacy of the many centuries of Italian art and design. When we start creating a new bracelet, in the moment of the design, just like in the finishing, we can feel the centuries of history and elegance by our side. We collect light like the ancient goldsmiths and we sculpt it into shapes that can enhance your wrist, your hand, your entire appearance.

A bracelet is a classic and always appreciated gift, because each bracelet tells a story, through the engravings, shapes, precious details in gold or precious gems. And an Italian bracelet is an item that any woman should have in her jewelry box.

Discover the iconic Italian design and celebrate your image with a masterpiece of jewelry made in Florence.