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Italian gold necklaces

Express your best with beautiful gold necklaces

The Florentine jewelry tradition comes to life in several Italian gold necklaces, precious 18k symbols of luxury and elegance created just for you.

Fall in love with the exclusive design of Jean Saade's necklaces, marvelous examples of the Florentine goldsmith's art that through the centuries has kept its features of value and quality intact. Elegant and pronounced lines are the result of careful and loving handwork. Shades of light that shimmer on 18-karat gold give life and breath to unique and inimitable necklaces.

The ideal gift to point out a feeling or an emotion. Wear the best Italian tradition on your neck, lighting up all your special moments. Circles, weaves, crosses, diamonds, lines: evocative details that form gold necklaces of astonishing beauty. Choose your treasure.