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Italian jewelry for kids

Fine Italian jewelry designed for kids

Refined Italian jewelry for kids, result of high quality craftsmanship, to offer 18k gold products, like baby earrings, suitable for a gift or a very special occasion.

Discover our masterpieces of florentine jewelry proposed for kids. The presence of 18k gold embellishes Jean Saade's original compositions, and the fine craftsmanship draws iconic forms belonging to the Renaissance artistic tradition: necklaces, bracelets, earrings for babies, discover many original ideas to amaze and give joy with a unique gift.

Jean Saade's jewelry for kids tells a story of tradition and wants to bring all the style and quality of 18k gold into precious everyday objects, that are not just jewelry, but real intense emotions.

Give a delicate dream made of gold, choose all the splendor of Italian gold jewelry for kids.