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Italian gold fiorentine coins

Wear the lily of Florence, the classy emblem of the city

The Italian jewels made with gold and florentine coins celebrate one of the oldest currencies for trade in Europe, the prestige of 18k gold makes it unique and exclusive.

Each of our gold florentine coins necklaces, bracelets, or rings, is unique and the result of quality craftsmanship and great constancy at work, we use the handmade production methods that belong to the historic Florentine jewelry tradition famous since the Renaissance to offer you only the best results.

Fine 18k gold meets slow and careful workmanship to produce a precious object that tells a story of tradition and emotion, a celebration of a coin passed through countless hands and people in a cultural exchange rooted in our past.

You won't find two equal jewels in gold with florentine coins, each of our products is unique and inimitable, exclusive to be worn with pride. Give yourself a moment of precious eternity.

Florentine Coins