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Italian necklaces

Jewels for your soul, Italian necklaces will let your beauty shine

Italian necklaces have always been a symbol of luxury and elegance, a classic and charming gift for your partner or even an excellent treat for yourself.

Made in Italy necklaces are renowned in the whole world for the high quality of craftsmanship as for the iconic Italian design. Florence has always been the home of skilled goldsmiths, some of the greatest artists capable of giving shape to light and sculpting it were born here, such as Benvenuto Cellini. In our shop we carry on that tradition, creating jewels that can change a normal outfit into an authentic style icon.

People use to wear a necklace as an adornment since the prehistoric era. In our shop and laboratory in Florence we reinterpret and renew the idea of necklaces, elaborating jewels that can enhance people's lives and history, expressing their personality. Discover Italian necklaces, give a touch of light to your face and make your natural beauty shine.