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Italian rings

Italian rings, a history of tradition and beauty

Rings have an ancient tradition, they have always been a symbol of authority, and power, but also of spirituality and life. Already in ancient Italian culture, the groom gave a ring to his bride-to-be as a public and recognizable mark of engagement. It wasn't a romantic matter of love, as it should be nowadays, but proof that a contract was established between two families.

Italian rings are today the evolution of centuries-old experiences in gold processing, in each ring is possible to recognize the vintage charm of Roman cameos and Benvenuto Cellini’s extraordinary ability.

Discover our idea of jewelry, have fun browsing through a set of proposals for ladies, imagine to wear each ring and find your favorite one. Stones set on simple frames and complex designs elaborated in gold, jewels designed with light to make your person and natural beauty shine.

Celebrate an important occasion, celebrate love or your life, enhance your beauty and let your joy shine on every day. Make a jewel of your life.