Florence Italy Jewelry, our enticing story among the common stores

Our boutique is in the heart of Florence, Italy. Jewelry, for us, it's more than a dream. A purpose before a shop, and this is the first difference between us and the other stores: we believe in making beautiful quality unique pieces. We are inspired by our customers to design and deliver the perfect Jewelry. For countless years our core values have included passion, teamwork and imagination. We honor the craftsmanship and integrity of our people and our work.

jean saade - jewellery story

“Each day was an adventure and an occasion to learn something new and valuable“ - Jean Saadé


Jean Saadé has always been attracted to the world of jewelry, since his early years, growing up in the family workshop gave him the opportunity to learn the history and the technique of the traditional florentine goldsmith, skills and secrets of this art were passed from father to son, creating a precious chain of knowledge and craftsmanship, but his vision of the family affair was beyond a traditional workshop, it was always been clear to Jean that his family tradition was not only something to be grateful for, but most of all a responsibility. And for this he worked hard, hours ,days and years, studying and practicing, engraving, creating and designing pieces of pure art .

Jean Saadé Jewelry started three generations ago with a specialization in the manufacturing side of the jewelry industry. In 1998 ,with the aim of developing the business and reach a wide audience, Jean Saadé has accomplished his vision, by opening the family's first store in Florence, Italy, giving a body to this project, delivering magnificent jewels to every jewelry lover, collector and admirer. Years later, the time has passed and the family extended, but the dedication and the passion that made Jean started this journey are the same, in his showroom in Florence, Jean and his family are still offering clients a comfortable family feel and an experience that reflects their dedication to provide the highest quality and long lasting value with fine design.

From Jean Saadé extended family to yours, thank you for your support and confidence over the years.

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It's as precious to us as the diamonds we use to create this unforgettable jewelry.
Our signature. Our family name. Our promise. It is a legacy that will last for generations.
Thanks to many efforts and also to all the people, both staff and Customers, that have believed in us.
Jean Saadè Jewellery Where Customer became Friend...