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The delicate Art of carving cameo

Between the goldsmith tradition and the creativity of jewelers,
the cameo testifies to the craftsmanship of each era it has gone through,
combining the tradition of the past with the needs of today.

A classic, updated and re-evaluated product.


Italian Cameo, a classic, updated product

Embellished with 18k gold, the marvelous Italian cameos are small masterpieces depicting a classical figure on the surface of a shell or onyx, a perfect example of the Florentine jewelry-making tradition shown here in all its magnificence.

Italian gold cameo reclaims the Florentine jewelry tradition by bending it into original and exclusive forms and designations. Aulic images make these unique pieces small jewels to be treasured with care and love, the elegant addition to an outfit that makes style its strong point.

The tradition of the past blends harmoniously with modern taste producing exclusive and refined gold cameos, the creativity of goldsmiths mix trends and styles to craft the perfect decorative complement for you.

Choose the image that arouses strong feelings and emotions in you, treat yourself to a unique little masterpiece to take with you a breath of authentic Florentine jewelry, Italian tradition becoming art.