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Ancient Roman jewelry

Ancient Roman jewelry, authentic masterpieces of gold in the historic centre of Florence

We design unique pieces inspired by ancient roman jewelry, focusing on the production of high quality work in gold to sell online and in our shop in downtown Florence.The jewel is realized beginning from a real ancient coin, in order to produce a fascinating pendant, or a pair of charming cufflinks.

The ancient roman coins define a luxury, but quite informal, outfit, the passion for jewels mixed with a feminine classical touch. Wear the seduction of the centuries.

Choose the perfect pendants for a gala dinner, a classic music exhibition or for every important and formal occasion. A sensual object defining a modern and elegant style, with an extraordinary look to the past, characterized by the handmade work of gold in frames to fit the dimension of the artifact.

Wearing a piece of this gold jewelry means to enjoy and live the history, from the Costantino’s to the Marco Aurelio’s ancient times.

Our boutique is located in the heart of Florence, right in the soul of “Florentia” (the Roman name of the Renaissance Capital), very close to the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) and the “Gold Corner”, to Piazza della Signoria and the Cathedral, Santa Maria del Fiore. Everyday we celebrate in our shop the Roman period with our fine artworks in gold, come and visit our store!

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