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Italian gold pendants

A refined classy object symbol of authentic and timeless style

Italian gold pendants are small works of art created by Florentine jewelry that become 18k classy details to be worn with pride and emotion.

Hard work and fine attention to every aspect turn Jean Saade's pendants into milestones in the long tradition of Italian and Florentine goldsmithing. The high quality of the materials, the passion infused in the handwork, and the chromatic nuances of 18-karat gold create precious and unique gleams: these pendants are an ideal bridge between past and present.

Embellish your outfit with pendants of various shapes and types: crosses inlaid in gold, iconic Italian symbols such as the Colosseum or Ponte Vecchio, coins and religious depictions, lilies and noble coats of arms. Our creations are elegant and exclusive and celebrate an eternal shade of art, culture, and human history making it the ideal complement for you.

All the evocative power of 18k white and yellow gold combined with the Florentine jewelry tradition.