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Jean Saadé jewelry

Jean Saadé jewelry, where the Florentine fine jewelry is made

Welcome in our boutique, Jean Saadé, where the dreams become jewelry and the famous Florentine fine jewelry style and its intricate detailing find the best expression. For us the jewels are not only a business or a way to add a luxury touch to the outfit of a person, it’s an idea, a purpose and a dream. We believe in making excellent quality unique pieces, inspired by passion and ancient traditional manufacturing skills. We feel artisans and artists: our intent is to give body to the light, sculpting it in its most fascinating shapes.

Browse our gallery of images and admire our rings, bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks, earrings and pendants, each work is a one of a kind, the celebration of love and contemporary jewelry, following the Italian and Tuscan tradition. Look up to an oval diamond ring and its brilliant soul, white gold and a fancy yellow gemstone are the elements of another stunning masterpiece. Every jewel is simply an object out of time, perfect as a gift to remember forever an exact moment, like your wedding or the birth of your first son.

If you want to visit our shop, you will find us in Florence downtown, near to Piazza del Duomo, very close to the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge). We will be proud to explain in details how every single piece was made: Jean Saadé, where customers become friends.


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