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Italian jewelry stores

Italian jewelry stores, our mission

Looking for Italian jewelry stores? Choose our cozy and captivating boutique, the perfect definition of Italian artisanal atelier. Feel the sensual atmosphere and explore the enticing tale of beauty, told by luxury and brilliant goods.

Welcome in Florence, the land of Italian jewelry designers, discover the gold corner of Tuscany, take a walk on Ponte Vecchio and in the surrounding area. Get inspired by the fascinating work of skilled men and women, using old traditional techniques and producing jewels. Get a stroll on the bridge and unveil the charming world of love and passions, where a marriage proposal is perfectly represented by an outstanding ring.

You will find us in via dei Cerchi 6/red, near Piazza della Signoria, in the very heart of the Renaissance’s Capital. Open the door of a cozy shop, visit us during your vacation in Tuscany, we will explain the history of each jewel we made. Our fine florentine style bracelets, necklaces and pendants will leave you astonished. All our product can show our mission: to give body and soul to the light, sculpting gold and engraving diamonds and stones of a stunning purity. Everything you can see is handmade and it is a one of a kind.

Italian Jewelry for us is art, is an idea, it’s the authentic celebration of life. Our deep passion couldn’t be expressed as the same by the famous stores and brands, we avoid the trap of the mass produced accessories, we dedicate ourselves to a strong intent: create the ideal jewel for each customer. That’s why, if you didn’t find what you look for in our catalogue, we ask you to contact us. Together we can imagine your new anniversary rings, our store is the place where customers realize desires and become friends.


Our rings become the symbols of connection
that join individuals and generations.
All of our pieces are designed
as celebrations of love and objects of beauty...
the heirlooms of tomorrow


Browse our gallery of images
and admire our bracelets,
each work is a one of a kind,
the celebration of love and contemporary jewelry,
following the Italian and Tuscan tradition.

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