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Italian jewelry brands

Jean Saadé, the most authentic among the Italian jewelry brands

Our small romantic shop among all the famous Italian jewelry brands. Why should you choose one of our little masterpieces instead of buying something produced by a celebrated Italian jewelry designer?

Because we are artisans and artists. Our hands can exalt the eternal charm of gold, our strong skills elaborate fascinating luxury goods blending the ancient Florentine tradition with the perfect ring, pendant or bracelet for women (or men too): everything we design is one of a kind, made to describe the people’s distintive features.

Each our piece of jewelry is made with passion, for us jewelry is a dream, an idea, a purpose, not only a business. That’s why we consider our products timeless treasures giving body to the light, sculpting the emotions, revealing the heavenly precious soul of a woman.
We know our works, we can explain how every single jewel was made, we believe in making beautiful quality pieces wearable in autumn as in summer, along all the fours seasons.

Admire our necklaces, wedding rings, pendants and earrings online, each work is simply the celebration of life, the excellent blend of old artworks and innovative touch, showcasing a unique mix of attention to details and creativity. Contact or visit us and express your desires, we will image together your dreamlike object: make your dreams come true.
Enjoy our website, or reach us inside our boutique in Florence downtown, the place where customers become friends.


Our rings become the symbols of connection
that join individuals and generations.
All of our pieces are designed
as celebrations of love and objects of beauty...
the heirlooms of tomorrow


Browse our gallery of images
and admire our bracelets,
each work is a one of a kind,
the celebration of love and contemporary jewelry,
following the Italian and Tuscan tradition.

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