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Italian gold jewelry

Italian gold jewelry, Italian poetry

Get inspired by the Italian gold jewelry, a fascinating tale of beauty where gold and diamonds are the undisputed protagonists. If you are looking for luxury goods made with stunning stones, browse the pages of our website and discover the ancient story of a marriage proposal becoming a ring, or of an anniversary with its bracelet and pendant. Our jewels fit perfectly all the four seasons.

Welcome to our boutique, right in the very heart of Florence, nearby Piazza della Signoria and the charming Perseo made by Benvenuto Cellini, one of the masters of the Renaissance. We are artists and artisans, we believe in elaborating beautiful quality unique pieces for each customer, blending the traditional Italian designs with a modern and innovative touch, mixing harmonically the old techniques with the contemporary fashion needs.

Jewelry for us is a purpose, an idea, a dream before a shop. That’s why our products celebrate love and its everlasting perfection with hoop or drop earrings, engagement rings, gold leaf pendants and also pure chains and crosses. Unveil a new concept of jewelry: we are not talking about stagnant accessories, neither about dresses (you won’t change your rings as often as clothes), but we’re focusing on the exact representation of a person in gold.
This is Italian gold tradition and Italian jewelry: give soul to the elements to exalt the characteristic of a woman (or a man, of course).

Contact us or come and visit us while in Florence: we will imagine together the ideal jewel for you.
Jean Saadé, where customers become friends.

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