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Traditional Italian Jewelry

Traditional Italian Jewelry - Italian Jewelry - Florentine gold

The Traditional Italian Jewelry is our main source of inspiration, we design Italian Jewelry pieces recalling the Florentine style to enhance gold, the most precious material, the most refined and elegant.
Following the steps of Benvenuto Cellini, Donatello, Vincenzo Gemito or Giò Pomodoro is something more than appreciating their masterpieces, it means to reproduce in each bracelet, bangle, necklace, in every rings and earrings the popular Florentine style, the gold jewelry to its top.

The design can express the traditional atmosphere of the Tuscan cities, where the Middle Ages marries the Renaissance Era, elaborating fascinating textures made of hidden glimpses, evocating corners and dreamlike palaces and gardens. Simply, harmony everywhere.

The traditional Italian way to produce little treasures represents for us the History elaborated in jewels, is the imaginary bridge from the past to the modern times, the opportunity to wear an outstanding engagement ring, matching the ancient skills of the goldsmiths and artisans of Florence, with the latest innovations and fashion trends.

Our strong passion and enthusiasm are moved by the desire of creating the perfect jewel, meeting the expectations and the imagination of our customers. We celebrate love in each object we realize, the finest gift for a wedding or each important occasion. We don't sell accessories, but objects of beauty to celebrate life. You will find us nearby Piazza della Signoria, in Florence, the Traditional Italian capital of arts.

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