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Best place to buy gold jewelry in Florence

Jean Saade, simply the best place to buy gold jewelry in Florence

Looking for the best place to buy gold jewelry in Florence?
Italy is certainly the most popular homeland for artists and artisans, but it is Florence that gave birth to many goldsmiths with incredible talent, such as, for example, Benvenuto Cellini. Just a few steps away from one of his most famous sculptures, the Perseus (in Piazza della Signoria), you can find our shop, Jean Saade, absolutely the best place to buy gold jewelry in Florence.

Among all the Florentine gold shops, we believe in being traditional and different. We are pleased to renew the authentic Old Florence jewelry and Italian tradition every day, reinterpreting the ancient models and textures of the past, combining the motives of the yesterday with the trends of the present with strong passion and experience. Our mission has always been to create the perfect jewel for our client, accurately following his requests and his imagination, sculpting gold to enhance the light, celebrating life and its preciousness.

We take inspiration from the Renaissance and Classical Era, the same of the ancient Romans, but at the same time we try to understand and design people's feelings and emotions. The eyes, the look, the voice and the memories of our customers are our guide to the realization of the finest handmade jewels.

Every single corner of Florence, our city, every palace, church, hidden glimpse or mysterious park is also represented in our works. Walking along these cobbled streets you can breathe art and harmony at every single step, our mission is to reproduce it in rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings. An engagement ring, as well as a wedding ring, becomes a metaphorical symbol of love itself, of beauty and passion. Welcome to our shop, one of the most famous Florentine brands, here we make your dreams come true by hand.


Our rings become the symbols of connection
that join individuals and generations.
All of our pieces are designed
as celebrations of love and objects of beauty...
the heirlooms of tomorrow


Browse our gallery of images
and admire our bracelets,
each work is a one of a kind,
the celebration of love and contemporary jewelry,
following the Italian and Tuscan tradition.

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